Disenchantment: Season 1 Finale and Season 2 Theories

Warning: This Article Contains Spoilers for
Season 1 of Disenchantment

If you’re like me, you finished season 1 of Disenchantment as fast as possible… and maybe even re-watched it just to see how many things you could catch. I’m sure I probably haven’t caught all the clues, hints, and easter eggs there were to be found, but the ones that I have found point to some interesting possibilities. Let’s put on our tinfoil hats!

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Elfo’s Heritage

First and foremost, they started hinting at Elfo’s true heritage in the first episode, when they were hanging him from the gumdrop tree, his father started to tell Elfo he hadn’t been completely honest with him. He didn’t elaborate much, only saying it all started when he laid his hands on Elfo’s mother.

Elfo Hint 2.png

This is further explored in episode 9, when they find out he’s not really an Elf. Elfo’s father, reluctant to reveal the truth of Elfo’s heritage himself, hands Elfo a needlepoint canvas featuring Elfo and his parents, but before he can find out what his mother looks like, it’s knocked out of his hands and into the water, and these are the only glimpses we get.

Elfo Hint 3
From the back of the needlepoint, we can see only the vague shape of Elfo’s mother.
Elfo Hint 4
However, in this image, we can see a hand, which reveals two things; Elfo’s mother is a humanoid, however not human (notice the missing finger), and like Elfo’s father implied several times, considerably larger than an average Elf.

At one point, while in a pub, Elfo says he’d like to be a Dwarf, which has caused some to speculate that’s his true heritage, but if you look at him, it just doesn’t add up. Elfo’s skin is green, and while I don’t recall any Dwarves being shown in Disenchantment yet, they most likely aren’t green. His nose is also turned up, and while Dwarves are usually depicted with a larger nose, I don’t remember ever seeing one that looked like it had tape going from its septum to its forehead.

Originally, I thought Elfo might be half-Goblin because he was green and had a different nose, but with the numerous hints at his father’s preference for taller women, and the size difference shown in the needlepoint, I thought maybe he was half-Borc (Disenchantment’s version of Orcs, because apparently they’re copyrighted). However, after reading the Reddit thread pictured below, it made more and more sense that a lot of scenes with Elfo involve water.

Elfo Hint 5

There’s the part where he’s swept down the waterfall (which is odd if he really is half-water-based species, but could just be to show us how clueless he is), the part where Luci says “sorry we had to bury you in this aquarium,” the entire scene in episode 9 where he’s talking to his father revolves around the water, and finally, at the end of the credits when he’s pulled out of the water by two mermaids during the post-credits scene. It’s actually really easy to miss because it’s only in the frame for a second, and I didn’t even catch it the first time until I rewatched it to see if I missed anything, but even though it’s obvious he’s washed ashore, these are most likely mermaids pulling him out of the water, unless it’s something else with a human torso and scales.

Elfo Hint 6

Reddit user bluejeansbandt speculated the following theory regarding Elfo, with mib44 adding to it.

Screenshot (79)
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/disenchantment/comments/98jsls/my_thoughts_on_elfos_heritage_lets_figure_this/

MeloraKitty, LweenjeeMal, and The_Ballon7 added to the post with some other suggestions that it might not be a kelpie, but rather a selkie. That doesn’t explain Elfo’s green skin though.

Screenshot (85)

Additionally, his death was hinted at less than 15 minutes into the first episode. But is he really dead? It does look like it, unless he went into some kind of regenerative coma, but either way there’s no way he isn’t coming back somehow. Also, the name of the 10th episode, Dreamland Falls, could not only be referring to the fall of Dreamland, but also the waterfall Elfo rolls off the hill and falls into.

Elfo Hint 1
He’s also in almost the exact same spot here as when he gets shot with the arrow.

Bean’s Destiny

Queen Dagmar speaks several times of Bean’s destiny, but never specifies what that destiny entails, only that it’s involved with a dark battle that’s lasted a hundred centuries. I wasn’t sure what to make of all this at first until I made some connections.

Bean Hint 5

First of all, the magic power Bean has is the same power as the Enchantress. In episode 3, The Princess of Darkness, she commands Luci to conceal himself and shocks him with a lightning bolt with a blue-white outline and a black center, just like the lightning that sparks when Bean goes to touch the crystal ball in episode 10, Dreamland Falls.

Screenshot (114)Bean Hint 3

According to the Disenchantment wiki page, this is known as Maruvian magic, and also makes another connection to the Enchantress and Emperor Cloyd, in addition to them being the ones that bind Luci to her, and implies Bean’s mother originates from Maru. Zog only said she was a noble’s daughter from a far-off land, but didn’t specify where, possibly because he doesn’t know himself. Another thing I noticed was, in episode 8, The Limits of Immortality, after retrieving the Eternity Pendant, Bean, Sorcerio, Luci, and Elfo are carried off by the griffin, nicknamed Birdman, and Emperor Cloyd sees they have the vial through his telescope, he says their plan is closer to fruition, indicating their plan was always to have Dagmar restored and Dreamland defeated.

Screenshot (112)

I’m not sure what the rest of their plan is, however. One of the creatures we see when Bean gets on the ship says “Set sail! For the homeland and a glorious future!” but it’s not revealed what the future might be. I did notice, though, that all of the creatures have the same shape of eyes. Rather than a circular iris, it’s in a line, like a reptile or a cat. Because of this, I did wonder if these aren’t naturally-born creatures, but were created by magic, but it’s probably a stretch and the animators simply didn’t feel like making multiple eye shapes.

Bean Hint 9

Luci’s Encounter

The last we see of Luci, he’s grumbling to himself angrily before recognizing someone, and afterwards we hear a pop sound.

Luci Hint 1Luci Hint 2Luci Hint 3

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen much speculation about this, and what I have seen doesn’t point to what I think happened. The pop sound is only ever heard when Luci is sucked into, or willingly enters, the bottle the exorcist, Big Jo, uses to capture him with.

Luci Hint 4Luci Hint 5

Not only did Luci recognize the person, he was also shocked to see whoever it was, and last we saw Big Jo, he was buried alive in the city of Cremorrah, and presumed dead. In my opinion, all the evidence points to Luci being captured by Big Jo.

Closing Thoughts

There are still a few more things I’m not sure about that I noticed. Firstly, in the final episode of the season, when Zog is kicked down the stairs of the secret passage by Dagmar, we see a faint symbol on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

Bean Hint 6Bean Hint 7

This symbol is seen in many places throughout Dreamland, and looks like it’s supposed to be the sun, but it looks like it’s made out of question marks.

Bean Hint 1Screenshot (107)

The only thing is, why is it in the passage? I’m not sure.

Lastly, if you didn’t know, Matt Groening had this to say about the show in an interview;

Screenshot (119)
Source: https://www.npr.org/2018/08/18/639235358/a-medieval-fantasy-from-the-simpsons-creator-throws-a-wench-in-the-works

The very first thing we see in animation is the credits, which starts at Bean’s bedroom, where she’s shown to be sleeping.

Screenshot (123)

If you don’t count the credits, the first thing we see is, again, Bean’s bedroom (unless you count the few seconds when the camera points towards the sun and pans around the tower where Bean’s bedroom is), where this time Bunty is attempting to wake her up, not realizing she’s tied up one of the guards and escaped.

Screenshot (124).png

Matt Groening said the first thing we see in animation on Disenchantment gives a big clue as to what the nature of the universe is. Perhaps the nature of the universe is… it’s a dream. Maybe everything we’re seeing is a dream Bean is having, either while she’s sleeping, or even more morbid, in a coma, and the kingdom of Dreamland is literally a dreamland.

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