We Are Venom: My Thoughts on the New Trailer

So the new trailer for the Venom movie came out on July 31st, and if you haven’t seen the new Venom movie trailer, go watch it now. It is absolutely sick (in a good way, if you’re into wet alien parasites talking about eating people). In fact, here’s the trailer, go ahead and watch it again even if you’ve already seen it. It’s just that cool. As of my posting this, the trailer already has 997,469 views on YouTube.

He’s fine.

Okay. You watched it? It’s awesome, right? You’re welcome. I don’t know what the actual movie will be like, but these are my predictions based on what I know from comics, Wikipedia, and the Spider-Man animated show (1994-1998).

So we’ve heard this movie is following the Lethal Protector story line, and shortly before the series begins, Venom and Spider-Man agree to leave one another alone if Venom doesn’t commit any crimes, so he leaves New York City and moves to San Francisco. While in San Francisco, Venom is captured by the Life Foundation and forced to spawn five new Symbiotes; Scream, Phage, Lasher, Riot, and Agony, who are bonded to the Life Foundation’s five best security personnel, and after hearing false reports that Venom is back to his old ways, Spider-Man comes to San Francisco and they end up teaming up and taking down the Life Foundation.

Lethal Protector actually takes place after Venom spawns Carnage, the Symbiote that bonded with Cletus Kasady. There are rumors that Carnage will be in this movie as well, played by Woody Harrelson, but we haven’t seen anything in the trailers yet indicating there will be more than two total Symbiotes, but maybe they’ll surprise us. They did say they’ve already got a plan for a sequel, depending on how well this movie does, so hopefully we’ll see him there, even though the story will be a little backwards compared to the original comics. Speaking of possibilities of Carnage, at Toy Fair 2018 in February, Hasbro showed off their new series of Venom action figures, and several of them are Carnage figures, but the design of the action figures are based off the comics, not the movie, so maybe I’m grasping at straws.

My response when my wife told me she was pregnant again.

There’s a scene with two Symbiotes in capsules, with one being black and most likely Venom, while the other looks yellow, however Riot is silver, most likely so they’re distinguishable during their fight scenes like the one pictured below, so this second one is most likely Riot and just reflecting yellow light, rather than being another Symbiote like Scream. In the first trailer though, one Symbiote was black and one was silver. From what I’ve heard, they plan to change the story somewhat and rather than having the five Symbiotes come from Venom, they’ll instead be siblings essentially, with Venom being a sort of runt of the litter, most likely so we feel like he’s outmatched and we have an underdog story.


Another thing we haven’t seen in the trailers is Spider-Man, however there have been some reports of people seeing Tom Holland near the set and according to Collider Heroes, “Tom Holland was on set filming scenes for Venom for at least two days as Peter Parker.” So this isn’t going to be a Spider-Man spinoff without Spider-Man, at least. I’m assuming the reason we haven’t seen him in any trailers is they want to keep the details of their meeting a secret so we can be surprised when the movie comes out.

This may explain why we see “in association with” in the trailer, rather than the usual Marvel Studios logo or the very subtle Marvel logo we’d see on the bottom-left in a normal Sony/Fox-owned Marvel movie.

Screenshot of X-Men (2000) trailer
Screenshot of Spider-Man (2002)





Screenshot of Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) trailer
Screenshot of Venom (2018) trailer







I will say I am somewhat surprised they would put Spider-Man/Peter Parker in an R-rated movie about an alien parasite that bites off heads and talks about eating someone’s arms, legs, and face, so they’re “rolling down the street like a turd in the wind.” The reason I’m surprised is because Disney, who owns Marvel Studios, has strict rules, and according to Screen Rant, one of those is no beheading, so I’m not sure if we’re going to actually see heads being bitten off.

Apparently this rule doesn’t apply to snowmen. Sorry, Olaf.

While we’re on the subject of decapitations, Venom is most likely talking about eating their eyes, lungs, pancreas’s, arms, legs, and faces to intimidate his victims before eating them, as he actually only requires a chemical found in brains; phenethylamine, a central nervous system stimulant and a euphoriant, and temporarily calms its bloodlust and hunger for brains, allowing the Symbiote to stay sane and healthy.

Hahahahaha, “sane”…

Additionally, phenethylamine is found in chocolate and eventually Eddie Brock discovers this and makes sure to keep his Symbiote pampered with gifts of chocolate, eating entire piles of it like a fat kid on Halloween, but with how insanely jacked Venom is, he looks more like the only chocolate he’s getting is chocolate protein shakes. I approve.


Okay, so on to how I think the movie is going to go down. From what I’ve gathered from the trailers, some sort of crashed alien ship (perhaps caused by events of Infinity War? We can only hope) is discovered by the Life Foundation and cylinders containing Symbiotes are found and brought to their facility, where they are bonded with victims hosts who volunteered to be part of their experiments, and according to Eddie Brock, these people are intentionally targeted due to their vulnerability, most likely so they will do whatever they have to do to get paid.

Eddie is a small-time reporter, possibly disgraced like in the comics, who wants to make a name for himself, much like the comics, looking into the Life Foundation. After an interview with Dr. Carlton Drake is cut short due to Eddie’s controversial questions, he is followed by another doctor who is apparently appalled by what the Life Foundation is doing, and most likely tells Eddie how to break into the building so he can expose them. When he does, a woman bonded with a Symbiote breaks out of her cell and attacks him, most likely allowing the Symbiote to attach itself to Eddie.

After hunting him through the woods, it seems he escapes to his apartment where they’re able to identify him and track him down, demanding he hand over Dr. Carlton Drake’s property. Instead, he hands them their asses, incapacitating all the henchmen.


After the confrontation at his apartment, Eddie flees on his motorcycle where he’s pursued by what look like small drones, along with more henchmen in cars. The henchmen attempt to trap Eddie between their cars, and the Venom Symbiote reaches out and grabs the steering wheels of the cars, steering them into parked vehicles next to them. As the last car pursues Eddie, he whips his motorcycle around a corner and races up a street, apparently not noticing the hill abruptly levels out, flying through the air above his motorcycle (the hills in San Francisco are, at most, a 31.5% gradient). The Symbiote reaches out and pulls him back on his motorcycle, and it seems as though when he lands, he loses control and crashes, and the pursuing henchman runs over him with his car.

After crashing, the Symbiote begins repairing Eddie’s broken bones and wraps itself around him, grabs the henchman while lifting Eddie from the ground and begins threatening to eat the henchman.

Note that this is the same henchman, who evidently survived/regained/stayed conscious after the first encounter.

After tossing the henchman away like a rag doll (head still intact, surprisingly), Eddie tries to reason with Venom, saying if it stays, it’s only allowed to hurt bad people, to which Venom replies, “the way I see it, we can do whatever we want.”
Presumably after Venom defeats the Life Foundation’s henchmen, a hit squad is sent to go after Eddie, who aren’t concerned with anyone caught in the crossfire, while Carlton Drake bonds the Riot Symbiote to one person after another, and either releases it, or it escapes on its own. With the Life Foundation putting his friends and loved ones in danger, and Riot going around murdering people, Eddie decides to take down the Life Foundation, eventually facing off against the massive Riot Symbiote, this time with Carlton Drake as its host.

Keep in mind this is all speculation on my part, based on what I know about the Lethal Protector story, and the trailers that have been released. Most likely it won’t be following the comics exactly, but be kind of a mash-up of several different story lines. So what do you think? Was the new trailer freaking awesome? Did I get anything right, or was I way off? Do you think this movie will be $hit, or will it be the $hit? What do you think of Tom Hardy in this role, is he a good fit, or was he cast because Hollywood loves to put things on his face?

The world may never know.


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