Purify the Air in Your Home! The Perfect Plant Even if You Don’t Have a Green Thumb!

Indoor plants beautify your home and serve as a living air purifier! I love knowing that I’m helping my family and the perfect way to do that is with this low maintenance plant the Pothos, aka Devil’s Ivy. Native to Malaysia, they prefer a warmer climate making it an ideal houseplant.

They are rated one of the best houseplants for removing all indoor air toxins, and prefer bright indirect light but will also do well in dimly lit rooms. Soil should be well drained and you should let the soil become dry between watering. Approximately once a week in warmer weather and closer to ten days during the cooler months. If you’re unsure, poke your finger into the soil, the first few inches should be dry.

They are also easy to propagate. When mine start to trail too long I trim them back around 4-6 inches, trimming them at a node.

I typically place my trimmings in a small glass of water, and replace the water about once a week while waiting for the roots to grow, then plant into soil once the roots form. You can keep them in both water or soil but after a month or so in water they may struggle a little with the adjustment to soil. You can place the cuttings directly in soil but I’m not as familiar with this, I’ve been recently experimenting.

I fertilize my Pothos twice a year with a general purpose houseplant fertilizer. You could fertilize more frequently to encourage growth but it isn’t necessary.

It should be noted that they are poisonous so keep them away from children and pets.

Find a friend and ask for a clipping or go buy one of your own! Before long you can turn it into several plants for every room in your home!

Breathe deeply knowing you’re doing something wonderful for yourself and your family!

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